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Ise-ebi – Japanese Lobster: A celebrated seafood for the Japanese

The bounty of the sea is an essential element in celebrating the New Year in Japan.

With its bright red body, splendid beard, and plump clear white flesh, ise-ebi lobster is a celebrated seafood for the Japanese. Records exist from the 17th century indicate that ise-ebi lobster was a prized dish to celebrate the new year in Edo and Osaka.

The Shima peninsula in Mie Prefecture is known for producing ise-ebi lobsters. Shima Peninsula faces onto Ise Bay, a habitat for many ise-ebi lobsters due to its warm and shallow sea waters, unrivaled by anywhere else in Japan.

If you want to enjoy this celebrated shellfish to your heart’s content, you can savor the ise-Ebi from the rich flavor of steamed, grilled and the compelling texture of lobster sashimi.

The Foodsource provides fresh and live Ise-ebi directly from the Shima Peninsula straight to your door twice a week.



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