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Siamsamut Warin selectively works with the best Lobster supplier which has made the supply of high quality lobsters possible.


Lobsters are graded one by one, for size and quality, and are packed with the best procedure to ensure that we deliver our lobsters with the highest freshness and with consistency of quality.

Live Maine / Canadian Lobsters

Chicks: 450-540 grs

Quarters: 550-645 grs

Halves: 650-780 grs

Select: 790-900 grs

Deuces: 900-1100 grs, 1100-1300 grs

Small Jumbo: 1.3 - 1.8 kgs

Medium Jumbo: 2.8 -2.7 kgs

Large Jumbo: 2.7 kgs

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