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Siamsamut Warin supplies upscale restaurants, hotels and discriminating consumers with the best King Crabs and Snow Crabs. 

Ranging from Raw, Fresh Cooked and Frozen, our selections are properly processed to retain the sweet flavor and succulent texture of the crabs.


Raw King Crab (Taraba)

Size M, 2L, 3L

Boiled King Crab (Taraba)

Size L, 2L

Boiled King Crab (Taraba)

Size L, 2L

Raw King Crab Cluster

Size 1.5 kgs

Boiled King Crab Cluster

Size 1.5-2.5 kgs

Raw Snow Crab Portion Cut 

20-30 pcs/400 grs

Boiled Snow Crab Portion Cut

15-20 pcs/400 grs

Boiled Aburakani

Size 2L, 3L


Snow Crab

500 grs - 1 kg

King Crab (Taraba)

1.0-1.5 kgs

Hairy Crab (Kegani)

600-700 grs

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